Peanuts 1kg


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A nutrient rich feed offering a high-fat content, Everyday Tweets Peanuts are a fantastic source of energy for garden birds all year round, but particularly in winter and early spring when conditions can be harsh.

Peanuts naturally attract a wide variety of birds to our gardens and are a rich source of protein and oil providing vital energy for wild birds.  A premium quality selection of peanuts, Everyday Tweets Peanuts are perfect for ground feeding attracting not only birds, but hedgehogs too! Alternatively feed from a special feeder.

  • A highly nutritious oil and protein rich food
  • Attracts a wide variety of birds
  • An ideal year-round food, particularly beneficial during winter and spring months
  • Packed with good unsaturated fats
  • Provides vital energy
  • Suitable for feeding from a specialist peanut feeder